Congratulations You Chose the Red Pill...
Please read these instructions carefully. This is the beginning of your escape from the Matrix...
You are officially invited to join the New Parenting Loveolution. In the Inside the Matrix section of the membership site and on the private facebook page under the videos you will be given daily guidance in breaking through any parenting challenge you are facing. You will have access to Bryan Post through the private facebook group and can ask as many questions and will receive as much coaching as is needed. Every day for 28 days you will receive guidance, support, encouragement and motivation from Bryan directly. Additionally you will have access to all of the other courses available in the Loveolution Membership. Upon completion of Day 28 you will be an official Loveolution Member and will continue to receive access to all of the support and education you need for growing to master the new paradigm.

Here are the steps...

1. Click the Red Pill 
2. Watch the Video.
There is a secret coupon code mentioned at the end.

3. Choose Your Payment Method.
$49 Monthly (cancel anytime) or Lifetime Membership

4. Set Up Your Account and Start Enjoying the Classes. 
Find the Day One Matrix Video and Begin.