There Comes a Time In Every Parent's Life When They Must Make A Decision...
Which pill will you choose?
Choose the Blue Pill and your entire parenting life will remain the same. Unchanged.
Choose the Red Pill and your entire parenting life will change. Things will never be the same again.
There are only two choices. Do you know what they are?
Choose the blue pill and nothing happens. Immediately you will go back to your life as you have known it. Stress, helplessness and frustration, feeling all alone and unsure what to do next. Your guides will give you more point and reward charts, they will instruct you to do more consequences, remove all of your child's belongings out of their room. And if these things don't work they will encourage you to put your child on medication because after all this will make everyone's life easier. "Isn't life supposed to be easy?" they will prod you.

Choose the red pill and parenting as you have known it will change dramatically. Down the rabbit hole we shall go. It will not be easy. We will embark on a 28 day journey. You will feel confused, overwhelmed, sometimes guilty and ashamed, but don't you already feel this way? The difference is that I will be your guide. I will encourage and support you because I understand where you are at and where you want to go. I will stay with you until you breakthrough to the new parenting paradigm. And then...well...everything will be different. That's right...28 days...not 28 months...and you will be on your way to the new paradigm. Remember...all I'm offering is the truth...nothing more.
Neither choice is wrong. That is the essence of choice. It is only which decision you make that leads you to the next phase of the journey. 
Which will it be?